In the meantime, here’s the spiel about what we’re trying to do with WUP. Enjoying life can be expensive, right? Especially in cities like Paris. Well, we’ve lived here for more than a decade and over the years we’ve found lots of places to eat, drink and shop, as well as things to see and do, that are worth keeping up your sleeve when you’re trying to save some cash – and even when you’re not.

To be honest, being a lifestyle journalists for various English-language magazines and newspapers, means we’ve seen Paris grow into this mass of Instagrammable places that have lost their sense of place; cafés, restaurants, bars and shops, where you could simply be anywhere in the world. So why bother come to Paris in the first place? We often wonder when we see tourists queueing for hours outside the latest trending pizza place. And what’s more, is that you often pay more than it’s worth for the privilege of just being able to Instagram the heck out of your food – but will you have had a real experience?

So, we supposed the aim at WUP is to share those places and initiatives by people who are trying to keep it real and local – and who won’t overcharge you for it.

Moreover, Paris doesn’t have the cutting-edge appeal of Tokyo, London or New York. And it’s true that since Sarkozy became president back in 2007, the local independent art scene’s taken a bit of a back seat. Squats have closed and rents have soared, pushing artists out of Paris, or simply into nine-to-five jobs. But is Paris dead? we often ask ourselves. Or is it just that because of the internet and social media, we don’t go looking for the offbeat anymore? We hope that WUP will be a place to share what’s happening off the beaten track, to build what will be an argument to show that Paris is still very much live and kicking, and as avant-garde as ever.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. The WUP team =)

Case Maclaim artwork
By artist Case Maclaim

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