Exploring the world post-Covid, be it a far-flung destination when we can travel again or just your neighbourhood, is powerful. It broadens the mind, changes perspectives, and has the capacity to turn you into a better decision-maker. Pre-coronavirus, the world was already a very tense playground. But our choices of where we decide to go and how we decide to spend our money is now more important than ever before.

Flamingo street art in Montmartre Paris
Credit: WUP

And that’s what WUP’s about: giving readers the inside track on how best to support local businesses to help this city and the creatives working to make it the special destination we love, thrive.

WUP is written by journalists who spend their days scouring the city for the best it has to offer, so they know a good deal when they see one – and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find it on Instagram.

Here, you won’t necessarily find articles about the latest restaurant or cocktail bar everyone’s talking about. What you will find however, are those tucked-away artist studios that, when you stumble upon them, make you instantly want to drop everything and give it a go at being the next Rodin. Or, those corners of the city where locals are challenging the status quo, freeing a sense of previously suppressed empowerment in us all.

You’ll also find spots to eat, drink and shop that our little team believes are worth their salt, and itineraries that will take you beyond the blockbuster sites to meet the creatives and artisans that are making waves in their own way right now.


Write to say hi or to join us: whatsuppariscontact@gmail.com.

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