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Put this on your to-do: good sam 
Make a donation to the brilliant Emmaüs, the national French charity that’s been supporting those in need for 70 years by training them up and giving them a job in the association’s numerous shops and warehouses, which, by the way, are treasure troves for everything from furniture to clothing. 

Read this: unexplored Paris
We’re finally free to roam and explore again. So, we’ve got our A L’Ouest Un Autre Paris guidebook out with 10 walks exploring western Paris from Port Royal to Montrouge. The book’s author, Nicolas Goff takes you to some of the area’s stand-out architectural gems, indie art hubs and new ‘hoods. Before you click on Amazon or FNAC, please consider getting your copy at your nearest bookshop (they’re now open and need your support!).

Taste this: first-rate eclairs 
We’re not jumping on the big-5 boulangerie bandwagon that have been making waves on Instagram over lockdown, preferring to stay closer to home (our editor’s home, actually) with what may be the best boulangerie in town – big claim, we know. But Camille Rossi and Florentine Bachelet’s Boulangerie Basso, tucked in les Epinettes, makes a fair range of breads, all made onsite with top-of-the-range produce. Think traditional loaves like perfectly crunchy seeded Tour de main and classic French pastries like feather-light vanilla éclairs. You won’t find a single Insta-worthy shot, but then again, the quality of Basso’s bread can’t be measured in virtual likes.

Order this: save the planet for 20 euros
What better time than during a crisis to address a crisis? We don’t want to lecture, but by simply using a water bottle, you can drastically reduce the mounds of plastic piling up somewhere out of sight and spilling over into our oceans. So, this product may not be Paris-made, but we want to slip it into this week’s selection because it’s important. Our favourite is a bottle from 24bottles (and no, we’re not getting a commission for this, just sharing it out of the kindness of our hearts!). Stainless steel and light, it comes in tons of designs and colours, so you can match it to your outfit if you’re that way inclined.

Try this: bye-bye Netflix!
Fed up of browsing Netflix trying to find something that doesn’t beat your brain into mush? Then hop on over to HENRI, the French cinémathèque’s new VOD platform for classic French films. Grab your popcorn and settle down for your 8.30pm film. The best thing? You won’t have to spend hours scrolling. The other best thing? It’s free. The other, other best thing? You don’t even have to sign up. Gold.  

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