Paris once had a train line that circled around the city centre but when the metro was built in the 30s, the over-ground service was no longer needed and fell into disrepair. The disused railway track still exists today, marking out a 19-mile green belt of gardens, street art and old train stations that bit by bit are being turned into bars and restaurants. Still called by its original name, the Petite Ceinture (little belt) or ‘PC’ for short, first opened in 1862 with 29 stations. Only 17 have survived and up till now all but five are still disused and have been turned into upscale restaurants, concert venues and arty bars with the environment and community-values at heart. Watch this space for more news as another 12 stations wait to be repurposed. Le Hasard Ludique, the newcomer After several years an various delays, Le Hasard Ludique bar, canteen and concert space…